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Blender 2.81: Grease Pencil

User Interface

  • Edit Mode Menu reorganization: The old single stroke menu was divided into Grease Pencil, Stroke and Point menu. (810caad80e)
  • Edit Mode Context Menu reorganization: The old single context menu was divided into Stroke and Point menu. (8c7cbad542)
  • Draw Mode Menu updates (0067b3b09b)
  • Mask Selection in Sculpt Mode now support modes for selection (point, stroke, In between) Separately from Edit Mode selection modes.
  • Stroke placement now use smaller numbers to determine the offset
  • Object data updates: Opacity and Blend controls have been changed for consistency, Mask control is accesible now only at layer list and Show only On Keyframed toggle was moved to Display Layer section. (d795dd1fa7)
  • Paste to active layer by default and change names. (51d9f56f87)
  • When set Stroke Select Mode in Edit, the edit points are not displayed and the current selection is extended to the full stroke for any selected stroke. (6b33bd1067)
  • Overlays: a new property to include Grease Pencil objects to the Fade 3D Object control was added. Name was changed to Fade Object to reflect the change. (a5a003ed55)

The non-active Grease Pencil objects and meshes faded

  • Overlays: Fade layers using background color and available in all modes. (74dcfaf172)
  • Menu items order in Arrange Menu changed to make more consistent with the distance. (e164afe9b5)
  • New Simplify Layer Tinting to disable all tints in one step.
  • New postprocesing Simplify option for brushes.


  • New Merge by Distance operator (Clean Up Menu). (b9d0f33530)
  • New Simplify Sample operator.
  • Improved algorith for the Smooth Operator when using Thickness and Strength. (0e1d4dec7a)
  • New option to convert Curves to Grease Pencil strokes. (505340202e)

Convert Curves to Grease Pencil operator

  • New Set as Active Material to establish the active object material based on the selected stroke material. (d0462dca90)


  • Improvement in Guides: Better snapping, new ISO grid option for lines specified by Angle, radial snapping mode uses Angle as an offset (a94bf0e134)

Isometric Guides sample (45°)

Better strokes ending when drawing lines in a fast way

  • Improvements when move mouse/pen very fast - Smart Smooth. (12688a6636da)
  • New Brushes and presets. (3c7707b49f)

New Brushes and presets


  • Move Modifiers evaluation from the Draw Manager to the Depsgraph. (ee4ec69b28 091e7979d3 a67f218b54 2dd1e6b376)
  • Improved Noise Modifier with a new seed value.
  • Grease Pencil Modifiers have a new influence filter by a single material (3d8f158697)
  • Simplify Modifier has two new modes: Sample and Merge
  • Opacity Modifier has a new Strength mode (591db72ee2)


  • New Self Overlap parameter in materials to disabled the stencil effect on the strokes.

Self Overlapped stroke and Stencil stroke

  • New Default Material for strokes when material slots are empty (d5d3dc4189)