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Blender 2.81: Viewport

Look Development

  • Rendered shading mode option to use HDRI studio lights instead of scene lights and world, for both Cycles and Eevee. This mode can now be used for look development.
  • LookDev mode was renamed to Material Preview. This mode will be aimed at interactive texturing and fast preview with Eevee.
  • HDRI studio light strength can now be controlled in the shading popover.
  • Cycles viewport option to display a render pass instead of the combined pass.


  • Each viewport can have its own set of visible collections (92736a7b75).
  • Workbench matcaps can now be OpenEXR images with separate diffuse and specular layers. The layer named diffuse will be affected by material, texture or random color, while specular will not.
  • Mesh analysis overlay now supports meshes with modifiers, instead of only the original mesh.
  • Image objects can now be set to display only in side views.

Multi-layered matcaps (by Pablo Dobarro)