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Blender 2.82: Add-ons

Addons Updates


  • Some generation settings are stored in the metarig now, instead of being global to the file. (71565f82)
  • The spines.basic_spine rig now has new optional FK controls. (dd723151)
  • Spine and limbs now have an option (off by default) to create an arbitrarily movable rotation pivot control, similar to BlenRig. (358bc43e)
  • A new basic.pivot rig can be used as a parent of the spine to add a custom pivot between root and torso. (358bc43e)
  • The default rotation pivot of the foot IK control has been switched from toe to ankle by default, but can be switched back. (c871246f)
  • The Human metarig now uses super_finger instead of simple_tentacle; the finger rig has new B-Bone and layer options. (b9a821bf)
  • The arm rig can optionally generate an extra wrist pivot control for the IK hand, most useful for implementing finger IK. (db3e15be, 7b529777)
  • New basic.raw_copy rig that copies a bone without adding the ORG prefix, allowing copying complex ad-hoc rig setups verbatim. (a50e87484)
  • The super_copy and raw_copy rigs now have options to patch the parent and constraint targets after bones are generated, for advanced ad-hoc rigging. (feb02092)
  • The super_finger rig now has optional experimental simple fingertip IK support, similar to some other rigs like BlenRig. (a41ceb3a)

Add Mesh Extra Objects

  • New Rock Generator addon
  • The rock generator addon has been in addons contrib and nightly builds for several years now.
  • Integrated now into the "Extra Objects" menu, more people can now get to appreciate Paul Marshall's work.

Mesh Tools

  • Mesh Tools has integrated the Mesh Relax addon into it's family.

Viewport Pies

  • New Ctrl/U Save Defaults and Preferences pie. Working across all editors, save your settings from the 1 menu.
  • Returned: Proportional Edit pie. Rewritten by request. Proportional Edit pie offers an alternative to the built in Shift/O proportional menu.


  • Advanced search options have been introduced for models and materials
  • UI has been reworked, so now the add-on can be found in the top 3d view header.
  • Asset Bar now opens automatically after search ends, and can also be open after blender starts. This is a big speedup in interaction.
  • An empty search searches the latest additions in the database.
  • Material thumbnail generator has been improved.

BlenderKit Procedural/Texture based material search

New Addons

Import Palettes

  • This wonderful addition imports Photoshop and Krita palette files. From Antionio Vazquez.


  • Precision Drawing Tools from Alan Odom and Rune Morling.
  • This great new addon introduces some CAD style techniques to the Blender toolkit.

Add Node Presets

  • This addon by Campbell Barton is promoted from addons contrib in nightly builds to main releases.
  • In the expanded addons activation box, select a directory that has .blend files with node groups.
  • You will now have a new Templates menu containing your nodes in the Add > Node menu across the node editors.

Collection Manager

  • Manage Your Collections in the 3d Viewport. Thanks to Ryan Inch

Sun Position

  • Use real world coordinates to adjust your light to match the sun position at any time of day!

Amaranth Toolkit

  • Promoted from nightly builds to release with the thanks to Pablo Vazquez and CansecoGPC
  • this addon provides many small features and functions to extend usability.