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Blender 2.82: EEVEE

Viewport Render Passes

In the 3d viewport an option was added to preview an EEVEE render pass. Render passes that are supported are

  • Combined
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Normal
  • Mist
  • Subsurface Direct
  • Subsurface Color

In the future more render passes will be added.

Volumetric with partial transparency fix

A bug was fixed that changes how Alpha Blended surfaces reacts to volumetric effect. The old behavior was adding more light if the surface was partially transparent.

Before After

This fix will alter the appearance of old file, there is no workaround other than to tweak the affected materials.



  • Group node sockets now converts the values as in Cycles. (c2e21b2329)
  • Curve, surface and text object can now use normal mapping without workaround. (15350c70be c27d30f3ea bcacf47cbc)
  • Disk lights artifact appearing on certain drivers have been fixed. (3d73609832)
  • Volumetric objects with zero volume do not fill the scene anymore. (0366c46ec6)
  • "Bake Cubemap Only" operator does not reset the Irradiance Volume after file load or if world is updated. (5d5add5de2)
  • Improved quality of render passes with high samples count (17b63db4e2)
  • Improved performance when calculating render passes (9d7f65630b)
  • Improved performance during viewport rendering (7959dcd4f6)