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Blender 2.82: Animation & Rigging


  • New 'Aligned' Inherit Scale option that always applies parent X scale to child X scale and so on, ignoring the orientation difference between the child and parent. (c23dbcf3)


  • Stretch To: new 'Swing' rotation mode that uses a Damped Track style rotation to track the target. (aadc90d0)
  • Action: new Mix Mode option to change the rotation mix order similar to other constraints. (33eabb82)
  • Compatibility: for an object without a parent, Local Space and World Space now do the same thing. The old undocumented behavior when using Local space on parentless objects was removed (7728bfd4). As a result, constraints using Local Space on objects now behave the same as on bones in an armature. Previously Local Space of parentless objects was interpreted as "World Space but then with the object's own rotation also applied".

Playblast Only Keyframes

In the 3D Viewport, use View → Viewport Render Keyframes for rendering a playblast with just keyframes. (7dd6e034f1)

This will render keyframes of selected objects, and for other frames repeat the last keyframe. This can be used for faster playblast rendering, or to see just the blocked animation.

F-Curve Selection and Transform

Selection and transform in the graph editor has been revamped to be more powerful and intuitive. (b037ba2665).

  • Handles now always move with the key, regardless if they are selected or not.
  • Selecting the key doesn't select the handles anymore.
  • Multiple keys and handles can be dragged.
  • Dragging a handle moves all selected handles on the same side.
  • Tweak-dragging any handle can never affect any keyframe location, only handles.
  • Changing the handle type with a key selected always applies the change to both handles.
  • Box selection with CtrlTweak now allows deselecting handles (used to act on entire triple only).
  • Box selection Include Handles option now only acts on visible handles, wasn't the case with Only Selected Keyframes Handles enabled.
  • Box selection Include Handles is now enabled by default in all bundled keymaps.

F-Curve Decimation

The new f-curve decimate operator reduces the number of keyframes while preserving the overall curves as well as possible. (8bc57e5b91) (7868db9343)