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Blender 2.83: Animation & Rigging

Weight Paint

  • Bones corresponding to locked weight groups are now shaded red in weight paint mode. (966383138a)
  • Added a pie menu for easily locking and unlocking vertex groups via bone selection (K shortcut key). (a1e50cfe6b)
  • Added a new 'Lock-Relative' option to present weights as if all locked groups were deleted, and the remaining deform groups were re-normalized. (084bf7daee)


  • Action Baking now creates keyframes on all frames both for new actions and baking to an existing action. Previously this was only done for new actions. (ded7af53b4)
  • Child Of constraint has a different method of computing the inverse. Because of this, Set Inverse will always set the correct inverse matrix (previously it only worked reliably when all the checkboxes were checked). (10162d68e3) (464752876f)
  • Scene Audio Volume can be animated. This was possible in Blender 2.79 and earlier, but has been broken since 2.80, and is fixed in 2.83. (6adb254bb0)