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Blender 2.83: EEVEE

Render Passes

More render passes supported for compositing. (be2bc97eba) (developer docs)

  • Emission
  • Diffuse Light
  • Diffuse Color
  • Glossy Light
  • Glossy Color
  • Environment
  • Volume Scattering
  • Volume Transmission
  • Bloom
  • Shadow

Light Cache Update

Reflection Probes are now stored in cubemap arrays instead of octahedron maps arrays. This means pre-2.83 files will need to be rebaked and light caches from 2.83 will not be loadable in previous blender versions. (7dd0be9554)

Before After

Hair Transparency

Hair geometry now supports blending with alpha hash and alpha clip mode. Shadow blend modes are now also supported. (035a3760af)

Other Changes

  • A new High Quality Normals option has been added to the render settings to avoid low res normal issues on dense meshes. (e82827bf6e)
  • A new Half Float Precision option has been added to the Image datablock settings adding the possibility (when the option is turned off) to use 32 bits floating point precision when loading float textures. (4e9fffc289)
  • Sun shadow bias have been fixed and now behave the same as point light shadow bias. User intervention may be required to fix certain scenes. (31ad86884c)
  • Lookdev now have an option to display the world environment with variable amount of blurring. (6e23433c1a)