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Blender 2.83: More Features


Performance of undo in Object and Pose mode was significantly improved, particularly for scenes with many objects. Further optimizations are planned for future releases.

This optimization is enabled by default. If there are stability issues, it is possible to use the slower undo system by enabling Developer Extras in the preferences and changing the option in the Experimental section. See the design task for more details.

3D Viewport

  • Improve selection with many small objects in the 3D viewport. (3685347b41)
  • Revamped color management, with compositing now performed in linear space for overlays and grease pencil for more accurate results.

Video Sequencer

  • Disk Cache to store cached frames on disk instead of only in memory. It can be enabled in Preferences > System > Video Sequencer. (348d2fa09e)
  • Revamped sequence strip drawing (271231f58e)
  • Show f-curves for opacity and volume values on the strips (d0d20de183)
  • Adjust Last Operation panel (a4cf2cf2de).
  • Toolbar and color sample tool (6a49161c8c) (68ba6378b5)
  • Option to select handles with box selection (5314161491)

Import & Export

Universal Scene Description

  • Metaballs can now also be exported to USD (4b2b5fe4b8).


  • Improved import and export of camera transformations. Children of cameras are now handled properly (7c5a44c71f).
  • Animated UV coordinates are now exported and imported correctly. (65574463fa) (94cbfb71b)



  • View Layers: when adding a new view layer, it is now possible to copy settings from currently active one, or to create an 'empty' one (where all collections are disabled) (d1972e50cb).
  • Windows: support for high resolution tablet pen events when using Windows Ink, so strokes more accurately match the pen motion. This was previously only supported on Linux. (d571d61)
  • Freestyle: option to render freestyle to a separate pass.