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Blender 2.83: User Interface

Animation Editors

  • Improved graph editor channels drawing (4aa0e21)
  • Improved graph and NLA editor sidebar panel layout (04e318de3a)
  • Rename 'View Frame' to 'Go to Current Frame' (dee01cad19)
  • Change 'Lock Time to Other Windows' > 'Sync Visible Range' and add to Sequencer. (fe772bf818)
  • Changed dopesheet & timeline filter names (9ccc73ade8):
    • Only Selected → Only Show Selected
    • Show Errors → Only Show Errors
    • Display Hidden → Show Hidden
  • Show animation cancel button in all status-bars (25cb12dc71)

File Browser


  • Improve toolbar width snapping (ac7eb71089)
  • Consolidate masking-related brush controls (c01246f6c0)
  • Change Area Duplicate Icon (452834f1e3)
  • On Windows, restore app from minimized when closing from taskbar (22ca8b8aee)
  • Dynamically enable and disable Edit Menu items based on whether currently applicable (b707504973)
  • Visual changes to Info Editor (aa919f3e82)
  • Improved keyboard symbols for menus and status bar, following platform conventions. (dc3f073d1c) (f051d47cdb)
  • Overflowing text lines now use ellipsis character to indicate line continuation. (63d5b974cc)
  • Larger Alert icons for dialogs (a210b8297f)
  • Language Selection on "Quick Start" Splash screen (a210b8297f)
  • Improved UI Layout for 3D Mouse Settings, all settings accessible from Preferences (ce0db0d329)
  • Keep outliner selection in sync for more operators (5d14463e1a) (c06a40006d) (f772a4b8fa)
  • Display and allow creation of drivers and keyframes for bone visibility in the outliner (6f8d99322c)