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Blender 2.90: Add-ons

Add-ons Updates


  • Perpendicular snap (in import settings) improves snapping to sloped surfaces or ceilings. Useful for trees on slopes/chandeliers under curved ceilings and similar.
  • A new fast rating operator was added. Accessible under F shortcut in asset bar.
  • Ui was reorganized to subpanels, with many small useful tweaks.
  • Asset menu is available also in the Selected Model panel. Enables 'search similar' and other commands for objects that are already in the scene.
  • More info on the webpage of authors
Snap objects perpendiculary, for trees or other things on sloped surfaces/ceilings

Collection Manager

Collection Manager popup with RTOs aligned to the right.

New Features

  • Added an option to align RTOs to the right. (2aa47457)
  • Renamed the Filter Restriction Toggles popover to Display Options. (2aa47457)
  • Added line separators to the tree view to better differentiate rows, especially when RTOs are aligned to the right. (2aa47457)
  • Added a new Specials menu with items to Remove Empty Collections and Purge All Collections Without Objects. (711efc3e)
  • Added a new Apply Phantom Mode button, this will apply the changes made to RTOs and quit Phantom Mode. (cee17513)
  • Added a linear renumbering option and a constrain to branch option to the Renumber QCD Slots Operator; all options can now be combined with each other. (09133c5a)
  • Added menu items for the Collection Manager popup and the QCD Move widget to the Object->Collection menu. (52edc5f4)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed removing collections not preserving the RTOs of their children. (969e77ed)
  • Fixed an error when removing a collection with a child that is already linked to the parent collection. (0657e99e)
  • Fixed the QCD Move Widget not accounting for the 3D View bounds when first called. (2c9bc1e6)
  • Vastly increased the performance when there are a large number of selected objects. (adac42a4)