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Corrective Releases

Blender 2.90.1

Released on September 23, 2020.

Changelog (39)
  • Decimate Modifier: Restore vertex group factor property in UI. rB97c6c4e47883
  • GPencil Opacity modifier not working. T80289
  • Extrude manifold can generate invalid geometry. T80233
  • Re-ordering face maps messes up the names of other face maps. T79973
  • Crash when deleting custom orientation. T80426
  • Crash after duplicating and hiding vertices while using X Axis. T80224
  • principle volume shader not working for world in Eevee. T80332
  • Eevee OpenVDB render error when frames miss part of the grids. T79718
  • PY API doc: fix doc for new override option of properties. rB09ef19996509
  • Crash when multi-mesh editing UVs with proportional editing. T80561
  • Crash adding properties to material node-trees. T80238
  • BLI_polyfill_calc exceeds stack size allocating points. T80604
  • Crash deleting bone constraints when the armature layer is. T80464
  • Cycles baking crash with locked-UI & background-mode. T71012
  • Hook modifier crashes without vertex group data. T80516
  • Mantaflow crash when adaptive domain + noise are enabled. T79626
  • Mantaflow Noise Not working with Smoke/Smoke and Fire. T80372
  • Vertex Colors not showing in edit mode. T78225
  • Correct Face Attributes affecting modes not listed. T80623
  • Edit Mode crash with shape keys created on blank mesh. T77584
  • Crash accessing depsgraph from evaluated view layer. T62504
  • Translations in python scripts are missing. T80589
  • Crash reloading scripts from the Python console. T80694
  • Library Override - Custom Property to Drive Child Particles results. T80457
  • Crash on undo/ redo after changing modes. T78392
  • UV edge select splits UV's for lasso/box/circle select. T80728
  • potential crash in volume grids in Eevee shaders. T80630
  • Fix OpenCL render error in large scenes. rB3dbb231ed2f8
  • Add versioning for 2.90 files that may have invalid mesh. rB3a92a2df4519
  • Texture paint camera project crashes after undo/redo. T80885
  • Auto IK Double Generates IK constraints. T80437
  • Cycles: Separate Embree device for each CPU Device. rB009971ba7adc
  • Cycles crash on macOS with older CPUs. T78793
  • Fix invert vertex group weight miscalculation for modifiers. rBe0f13f41c681
  • NLA Bake exception baking pose with non-pose selection. T61985
  • Tris to Quads ignores UV delimit option. T80520
  • Avoid changing the visibility of loose geometry. T80771
  • Archipack: support for bmesh bevel arguments changes in 2.90. rBA8e1b4dd71b37
  • Crash on editing multiple UVs of multiple different objects. T80899