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Blender 2.90: More Features

Data Duplication

Data-blocks duplication (or deep copy, full copy) has been improved.

  • Doing a full copy of a scene will now use the same preference settings as when duplicating a collection or object, to determine which sub-data-blocks should also be copied (#77255, eee35ebdfb).
  • Doing a full copy of a scene or collection now duplicates actions only if relevant option is set in the user preferences.
  • All usages of duplicated sub-data-blocks should now be properly remapped to their copies.
  • Doing a full copy of a local data-block will now never duplicate the linked sub-data it may use (this was already the case for scenes, but not for objects or collections before).
    • However, doing a full copy of a linked data-block will also duplicate all of its linked sub-data, if allowed (since user then wants to get a locale duplicate of its linked data).


  • New Ray Length setting, which limits how far rays can travel before they are excluded from the baking result. Useful for baking meshes with holes in them. (27cac4a102)

Motion Tracking

  • Added new lens distortion model which allows to solve motion in Blender and do compositing in Natron/Nuke. It is available in the Lens settings of movie clip and is called "Nuke" (which is the default model in Natron as well).


  • Add frame interpolation option to speed effect. (99cb6dbe65)

Experimental Features

  • The User Preferences → Developers Extra → Experimental options are now organized in different categories (dd9c0dbf5e).
  • They are also only available on daily builds of master. Beta and Final releases don't have their panels.


  • Linux now has initial Wayland support, when building the WITH_GHOST_WAYLAND option. Some features are still missing in this implementation and X11 remains used by default for now.