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Blender 2.90: Sculpting

Multires Modifier

Multiresolution sculpting is now fully supported. It is now possible to select the subdivision level to sculpt on and switch between levels, with displacement information smoothly propagated between them. (d4c547b7bd)

Multires Modifier UI

Unsubdivide and Rebuild subdivisions

The Multires Modifier can now rebuild lower subdivisions levels and extract its displacement. This can be used to import models from any subdivision based sculting software and rebuild all subdivisions levels to be editable inside the modifier. (f28875a998)

Unsubdivide different meshes with triangles, ngons and non-manifold geometry

Subdivision Modes

Multires can now create smooth, linear and simple subdivisions. This means that any subdivision type can be created at any time without changing the subdivision type of the modifier. Changing the subdivision type of the modifier is now and advance option only used to support legacy files. (134619fabb)

All subdivision modes available in Multires


  • The Cloth filter runs a cloth simulation in the entire mesh. It has 3 force modes and the area were the force is applied can be defined by a Face Set. (1d4bae8566)
Cloth filter applying forces to different Face Sets
  • The Face Set edit operator allows to modify a Face Set. The supported operations are Grow (Ctrl + W) and Shrink (Ctrl + Alt + W). (cb9de95d61)


  • The Pose Brush includes two more deformation modes: Scale/translate and Squash/stretch. They can be selected using the deformation property. Pressing Ctrl before starting the stroke selects the secondary deformation mode. (77789a1904)
  • The Pose Brush has a Face Set FK mode, which deforms the mesh using the Face Sets to simulate and FK rig. (3778f168f6)
Pose Brush with FK/IK modes
  • The Pose Brush has a Connected only property. By disabling it, the brush can affect multiple disconnected parts of the same mesh. The distance to consider a part as connected can be tweaked with the Max Element Distance property. 438bd82371
  • Clay strips now has more predictable pressure/size and pressure/strength curves. Its deformation algorithm was modified to prevent geometry artifacts in large deformations. (560a73610b) (0a1fbfee2b)
Clay strips 2.83/2.90 artifacts comparison
  • The Topology Slide/Relax mode now has two more deformation modes for Slide: Pinch and Expand. They can be selected using the Deformation property. (878d191bae)


  • The Automasking system was redesigned, so brush will not have and start delay when automasking options are enabled in a high poly mesh. (e06a346458)
  • Boundary mesh detection was redesigned. Now mesh boundaries are properly detected by the automasking system in both meshes and Multires levels. This means that the smooth brush does not longer automasks boundary vertices by default and its meshes and multires behavior now matches. (e06a346458)
  • Pen pressure modulation is now supported for the hardness property. The modulation can be inverted for achieving higher hardness with lower pressure. (69afdf6970)