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Blender 2.91: EEVEE

Multi-Scatter GGX

The principle BSDF and Glossy BSDF nodes have been improved to support a multi-scattering approximation, removing the energy loss on rough surfaces.

Rough metals with GGX (top) and GGX with multi-scattering approximation (bottom)

Motion Blur

Shutter start position can now be adjusted to make motion trail effects just like Cycles. b7afcdff7b

Bug Fixes

  • Screen Space Reflection now are more robust with less self intersections for rough reflections and less gaps at intersecting geometries. b55c44e3ed 27137c479c
  • Fixed Camera Motion Blur is not blending steps properly aae60f0fec.
  • Fixed light probe baking ignoring indirect bounces from SSS 568dc2665e.
  • Fixed Alpha Clip shadows actually using Alpha Hashed shadows 96e8dadda0.
  • Fixed Environmental light leak with baked indirect lighting and refraction dede4aac5b.