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Blender 2.91: Grease Pencil

User Interface

  • Renamed Boundary Fill Default to All. (fff12be945)
  • Boundary strokes are now visible, except in render mode. This was removed by error in the refactor. (ebf5ff8afb)
  • Brush Advanced panel now has Ignore Transparent and Threshold parameters related. (9e644b98a6)
  • Set Onion Keyframe mode to All by default. Also renamed option from All Types to All. (3e56dd8fd9)
  • Replace Interpolate shortcut to Ctrl+E instead of Ctrl+Alt+E. (ee49ce482a)
  • New Subdivision parameter for Primitives in Topbar. (90baead979)


  • New Cleanup Frames operator. (382b9007f8)
  • New Step parameter for Interpolate Sequence. (97871e16ff)
  • The convert mesh to strokes and bake mesh animation, now create layers and materials using the original object name. Also fixed problems when convert or bake animation for several objects at the same time. (256b59b76f)
  • New material option to set as Holdout. This allows to open holes in filled areas. This option only works when the stroke uses Material mode. (0335c1fd21)
Holdout Material
  • New Trace Images operator using Potrace library. (4d62bb8fe5)
Trace Image

This functionality is designed to trace a black and white image into grease pencil strokes. If the image is not B/W, the trace try to convert to bitone image. For better results, use manually converted to black and white images and try to keep the resolution of the image small. High resolutions could produce very dense strokes.


  • Draw Brushes: New predefined mode. (7becd283cc)
  • Fill Brush: New Layer modes. (8fc7c3539a)
  • Fill Brush: Fill inverted pressing Ctrl key. Also added new direction buttons for Fill in topbar. (4ada290956)

Modifiers and VFX

  • Offset modifier scale thickness when modify scale. (a0b0a47d81)