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Blender 2.91: More Features

UV/Image Editor

  • Alpha blending are now done in Linear Scene Reference Space.
  • Support of pure emissive colors.
  • Improved performance; especially noticeable when viewing render results and repeating image.
  • The smoothness of the UV's can now be controlled in the User preferences (b2fc067854)


The FFmpeg library is now compiled with vectorization (SSE/AVX/AVX2) support enabled, allowing for faster video decoding and encoding. In the tests re-encoding 3405 2560x1376 frames on Xeon E5-2699 V4 CPU overall time down from 313 seconds to 210 seconds (sample file).

Motion tracking

  • Implemented Brown-Conrady distortion model, improving compatibility with other software (3a7d62cd1f)


  • Add Emission Strength to Principled BSDF shader, as a multiplier to the Emission color. (b248ec9)


  • Motion blur rendering from Alembic files. (b5dcf74636)
  • Overriding the compute device from the command line. (cfa101c228)
  • NVIDIA RTX 30xx graphics cards support without runtime compilation.
  • For AMD graphics cards, the latest Pro drivers must be installed. These contain critical fixes for Cycles OpenCL rendering to work.