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Blender 2.92: Add-ons


  • Support for 5 bone chains in the limbs.paw rig type. (46590bb780)
  • New limbs.front_paw and limbs.rear_paw rig subtypes with extra IK automation designed for front and rear limbs of animals. (46590bb780)
  • The horse metarig updated using the new paw features to represent the horse anatomy better. (46590bb780)
  • The limbs.super_palm rig can now optionally generate a separate FK control for every palm bone. (287f844300)
  • The basic.super_copy rig will now use the widget assigned to the metarig bone as is, and it's possible to choose which built-in widget to generate from a list. Human metarigs have better shoulder widgets now. (b0361dcaac)
  • Rigify will now create a separate widget collection for each generated rig, using the WGTS_... naming. (f8d6489fb6)


  • Exporter has a new option, "Use Space Transform", that allows to write a different axis orientation system that default Blender one, without actually trying to apply this global transformation to objects. It seems to allow Unity to better deal with orientations on import (1a9a9d008d).


  • Texture Resolutions - All textured assets with higher original resolutions now have lower resolutions generated.
    • This saves memory, speeds up all interactions, and also helps to render bigger scenes.
    • Replace asset resolution command in the Selected model panel or in the Asset bar can be used to swap asset resolution.
The resolution is set before download in import settings and can be changed after downlod from menu.
  • Model thumbnailer was improved, default lighting and angle now look much cleaner. Uses a new HDR provided by Mike Radjabov.
  • HDR asset type
  • Scene asset type - BlenderKit scenes are templates to finish certain tasks, or usable as environment setups for your models.
  • Particle system support inside Model asset type
    • It's possible to drag-drop particle systems and these will automatically be transferred on the target mesh. The count of particles is recalculated according to the target area, so the particle system looks similar as result.
Drag-drop of a compatible particle system on a mesh.
  • Upload was refactored
    • Updating only metadata is now much faster since it happens in the background thread.
    • If only the thumbnail is re-uploaded, background blender instance doesn't start.
  • New fast metadata editing is possible from the right-click menu in asset bar.
  • Snapping was improved and fixed.
    • Snapping ignores objects that are only drawn as bound boxes or are part of a particle system(like grass). This is especially useful if your scene has a lot of boolean modifier objects for purpose of cutting holes.
    • Snapping also works on inverted normals objects by always snapping on the visible side of the mesh.
    • Snapping works from inside of orthographic cameras
  • Several improvements have been made to the rating UI, showing ratings more prominently and allowing users to rate.

Collection Manager

New Features

  • An override checkbox was added to the preferences to override the object hiding hotkeys with object disabling hotkeys. Menu items were added to the Object->Show/Hide menu for the disable object operators. (7cc2e4b1)
  • Selected objects' collections can now be either isolated or disabled from both the Collection Manager popup and the Quick View Toggles menu. (47820f66)
  • Quick View Toggle hotkeys were updated to be more consistent. (6fcfb869) (03fd6c5a)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where QCD hotkeys would get registered twice when toggling the QCD checkbox in the preferences off and then on again.(2b1d58fe)