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Blender 2.92: Animation & Rigging

User Interface

Playback Synchronisation has been updated for clarity (f4e8c0c104).

  • Label changed from "Audio" to "Sync" (the "Audio" label has moved down one option).
  • Labels of the sync enum changed:
    • No Sync → Play Every Frame
    • AV-sync → Sync to Audio

Group Colors in Animation Channels can be disabled in User Preferences (ad85256e71). The old "Show Group Colors" toggle had to be set per editor, and was on by default. This meant that disabling group colors would require an action for every file, for every editor. As it is hard to select a color that works both as bone color in the 3D Viewport (needs to be bright there) as well as the channel list (needs to be dark there), most animators turned channel list colors off. This now only has to be done once, in the User Preferences.

The name for "F-Curve Visibility" in the above panel was changed to "Unselected Opacity" to reflect the fact that it only affects unselected F-Curves (b9e02eace6).

Deleting keyframes can now be done without additional confirmation in the Dopesheet and Graph Editor (290b6d7ef3). The operator now has a "Confirm" option which can be turned off in the keymap. By default, deleting with 'X' still brings up the Delete menu with additional operators, but deleting with 'Del' / 'Backspace' now does not require confirmation anymore.

Euler Filter

The Euler Discontinuity Filter has been improved (e4ca1fc4ea). This new discontinuity filter performs actions on the Euler X/Y/Z rotation channels as a whole, rather than only on the individual X/Y/Z channels. This makes it fix a wider range of discontinuities. The filter now runs twice on the selected channels, in this order:

  1. Per triplet of X+Y+Z rotation channels: convert to matrix, then back to Euler angles in a smart way to minimize jumps.
  2. Per channel: add/remove factors of 360° to minimize jumps.

Bake Action

Bake Action: The post-bake cleanup of F-Curves is now optional and disabled by default. Previously Bake Action would do two things:

  • Bake the Action
  • Clean up the FCurves

It is now possible (and even the default) to only perform the baking operation.

Furthermore, the Bake Action operator now performs better Euler discontinuity filtering (e5528904f1, 0e85d701c6).

Custom Object Space for Constraints

Constraints can now use Custom Space with a custom object to define the evaluation space, next to the already existing World Space, Local Space, Pose Space, and Local with Parent.

The Custom Space option uses the Local Space of an other object/bone/vertex group. If selected on owner or target it will show a box for object selection. If an armature is selected, then it will also show a box for bone selection. If a mesh object is selected it will show the option for using the local space of a vertex group.


  • New NLA strips will have Sync Length enabled (6074636387), allowing animators to keyframe outside of the strip's bounds by default. The strip will automatically grow to include the new keys.
  • FCurves with modifiers are now properly drawn anchored to the NLA strip (30dd31a7b3).

Weight Paint

  • Weight painting with Auto-Normalize will now paint zero instead of very small weights when locked deform groups add up to more than 0.999999. (58dae919e5)

Bone Deformation

Artifacts caused by bone scaling with the Preserve Volume armature deformation method have been fixed (significantly reduced) for B-Bone chains. (b5c3f26cba)