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Blender 2.92: Grease Pencil

User Interface

  • Interpolate tools now are visible in Draw mode and not only in Edit mode. When the tool is used in Draw mode, the only selected strokes option is disabled. (7bf0682aa9)
  • Enabled by default Layer Onion Skin for new layers. (ba740ad2ab)
  • New Material parameter to rotate texture for Dots and Strokes. (e6f61a4a37) See also the new parameter in Texture modifier below.

New rotation parameter

  • Recalculate Geometry operator added to Cleanup menu. This operator was only available using Search and it was used to fix old or damaged files. (7567086276)
  • Cleanup menu reorganized. (216880bb47)
  • Target object parameter changed in Bake mesh animation and Trace image. (e9b955b99c)
  • New menu Paint in Vertex Paint mode. These operators existed in previous versions, but the menu was removed by error. Also, now all operators support multiframe edition. (986955a2d5)

New Vertex Paint menu

  • Added Pin icon for default eraser when using Ctrl key. (8e1b63d4bd)


  • New option to Bake Animation only for selected frames instead to bake all available frames. To bake only selected, select in the Dopesheet the keyframes to bake.(657e344351)

Bake selected frames

  • New option to trace image sequences and convert to grease pencil strokes. Now it's possible to trace a single image or a full sequence of images from an image sequence or a video. If the trace is for a sequence, a new batch job is started and a progress bar is displayed during the trace. (a5d237ac85)
  • Improved Join operator to use the distance between points. Before, the join was done using the order of the strokes but not the distance between extremes. Now, the algorithm calculates the distance and tries to join always the nearest extremes. (21f201e25e)

New Join algorithm

  • Improved method for interpolation. The new method gives better results when interpolating between different sized strokes. Previously, the longer stroke would be cut off. With the new algorithm, the strokes are properly "stretched" to fit the extreme shapes exactly. (151e847b87)
New interpolation method
  • New operator in Vertex Paint mode to reset vertex color data. After running this operator, all vertex paint data is removed and the stroke is reset to default material status. (9081b80d15)
  • Now Merge Layers respects the old keyframe drawing when the target frame was missing. See Task T83705 for more details. (57f900e4ef)


  • New option to set flat the cut extreme of the stroke after using Cutter tool. If the stroke angle is very extreme, parts of the stroke can be visible still. (2985a745bb)

Cutter Caps

  • New option to automerge strokes while drawing. (e9607f45d8)

Modifiers and VFX

  • Now Subdivision modifier adds geometry if the stroke is using cyclic. This new geometry only refers to number of points, but the extremes of the stroke are not smoothed at all in order to preserve original extreme points. (e296d58cf2)
  • New parameter to rotate textures in Dots and Strokes in Texture modifier. This effect could be also obtained using the new material texture rotation parameter. (c80594f57f)
  • Now the Effects can be linked using Ctrl + L Link operator. (c8a3d1a1fa)
  • New Additional menu to Copy Effects. (6327771bc9)

Additional Menu

  • Array modifier now support uniform random scale. (5535b0b887)

Curve edit mode

Curve edit mode
  • To enable Bezier mode, use the bezier button in the top bar or press U key.
  • Note: all the edit mode operators are supported except the ones below, which will be added soon:
    • Duplicate
    • Copy & Paste
    • Snap to Cursor & Cursor to selected
    • Flip
    • Simplify & Simplify Fixed
    • Trim
    • Separate
    • Split