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Import & Export

Library Overrides

  • Added limited support for simulation caches on override data-blocks (caches need to be written on disk for now, 59910f72, 7e210e68, 50ccf346).
  • Added initial support for NLA on override data-blocks (one can add new tracks to existing NLA system, and edit some properties of the existing tracks and strips (c0bd240ad0).
  • Some heavy data from override IDs do not get written to disk in the local .blend file anymore (mainly mesh geometry, shapekeys data, and embedded files currently, see D9810, f5a019ed43).

glTF 2.0


  • Importer can now open Draco encoded files (eb29a12da4)
  • Implement occlusion strength (d5c0d4b77c)
  • Show specific error when buffer resource is missing (285deaf22c)
  • Removed future deprecated encoding arg to json.loads (48ec56bde5)
  • Create placeholder images for files that can't be loaded (59f60554f1)
  • Make NLA track order match glTF animation order (d7f8d9a4f9)
  • Use Separate R node for clearcoat textures (ebdf1861dc)


  • Fix export when texture is used only for alpha (5f2cb885ab)
  • Take care of active output node (5088c8d9d7)
  • Implement occlusion strength (d5c0d4b77c)
  • Avoid crash when background exporting (without UI) (c5a84e2e1a)
  • Fix texture filtering (9ff0d983ee)
  • Roundtrip all texture wrap modes (70efc485ec)
  • Various Draco encoder fixes (eb29a12da4)
  • fix collection offset when rotated or scaled (3e7209f9f2)
  • More fixes for changing the filename when format changed (3ce41afdfa)