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Blender 2.92: User Interface


  • Properties editor sync. Clicking on the icon for outliner data will switch to the corresponding properties editor tab for properties editors that share a border. (0e47e57eb7)
  • New filter to display only selectable objects. (fbf2908674)
  • The object state filter can now be inverted. For example, inverting "Selectable" will only display unselectable objects. (2afdb4ba87)
  • List library overrides in the Outliner. A filter option allows hiding them (aa64fd69e7).

Properties Editor

  • Add a new tab for collection properties (3e87d8a431).

3D Viewport

  • Use consistent name for select mirror across object modes (1c357a3c5f).
  • Cycling object selection is now ordered by depth (nearest first) (3e5e204c81).

General Changes

  • Support tooltips for superimposed icons (2250b5cefe).
  • Improvements to the alignment and placement of interface items (6bf043ac94) (b0a9a04f62).
  • Allow theming the alternate row color in the sequencer, similar to the file browser and the outliner (f7223d5f72).
  • When dragging, constrain panels vertically in the property editor, preferences, and side-bars vertically (328aad8c98).
  • When using Weight Paint Sample Weight Tool, using eyedropper cursor and display weight in header (64277e8f3a) (e3d9241a05).
  • New layout for the "About" dialog with full Blender logo (79eeabafb3).

  • New look for the "Startup Script Execution" warning dialog (2e5d9a73f7).

  • Improved layout of node group socket lists (1d3b92bdea).
  • New properties editor popover that contains settings for outliner to properties sync (ffacce5be4)