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Blender 2.93: Add-ons


BlenderKit asset card

  • Right-click menu was replaced with the new asset card. The asset card shows all information about the asset and allows to do all operations previously available in the menu.
  • Tooltip preview was simplified, the thumbnail can be seen unobstructed during drag-drop interaction.
  • Ratings are shown more prominently and the results are shown always when at least one rating is available.
  • Choose resolution before downloading an HDR.
  • Upload UI was improved to be simpler.
  • Rerender thumbnail for models - this command downloads the asset, renders thumbnail in the background, and reuploads it - great for beautifying your older thumbnails.

Collection Manager

Collection Manager Popup with new undo/redo buttons, object selection buttons, and improved indicators.

New Features

  • Undo/Redo support was added to the Collection Manager Popup via undo and redo buttons near the top. (88db9c67)
  • Objects can now be selected, based on collection, in the Collection Manager Popup, and the selection/object state indication per collection has been improved. (6dfba915) (ebe76f3a)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where QCD renumbering would add a 21st slot. (8ea89b89)
  • Fixed a bug where Phantom Mode was not disabling all of the UI elements it should have in the Collection Manager Popup. (86194403)
  • Fixed tooltip issues. (df01c14f)