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Library Overrides

Resync Process Improvements

Resyncing a library override is needed when the source linked data gets changes in the relationships between its data-blocks.

This process has been made way easier, and most of the time fully automatic:

  • With newly created files/overrides, needed resync are detected and performed automatically when loading the .blend file.
  • However, in some cases, especially with older files that were saved with 'broken' (non-hierarchy-matching) overrides, resync itself cannot rebuild properly the override as expected (some objects might go missing e.g.). For that case, a new operation in the Outliner right-click menu was added, Resync Library Override Hierarchy Enforce, that essentially performs a more aggressive resync, at the cost of a potential loss of some overrides on ID pointers properties.
  • An option (under Experimental area of user Preferences) was also added to allow disabling this auto-resync feature on load, since some complex production files may need proper manual processing first.


While this new Resync Library Override Hierarchy Enforce operator may cause some loos of override information, it will be much less sever than the Reset + Resync alternative process.

Auto-resync detects and keeps around data-blocks no more needed by the override, but that were previously edited by the user, and for objects or collections, it put them in a dedicated collection, OVERRIDE_RESYNC_LEFTOVERS.

New Override View in the Outliner

A basic informative view of current library overrides has been added to the outliner (e1ae5bd45f).

Override view in the outliner

System-generated overrides (like the overrides of pointers to other override data-blocks which ensures the override hierarchy) are hidden by default, and can be shown through a filter option.

Potential info or warning messages from (auto-)resync process are also shown, as an icon + tooltip next to the affected items.


  • Added support for using memory-mapped IO in order to speed up uncompressed .blend file loading (0f2ae614a1).

Data Management

  • The Purge operator to delete unused data-blocks has been improved, it can now operate on only linked or local data, and can recursively delete all 'indirectly' unused data-blocks at once (2718ea80d2 and related). new behavior only exposed from File -\> Clean Up menu currently.

Linked Data

  • Missing libraries and linked data-blocks now are reported as a single warning in the UI when loading a .blend file with broken libraries. Full info remains available in the console or Info editor (53d13b6f53).