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Blender 2.93: EEVEE

Depth of field

EEVEE's implementation of depth of field has been rewritten from scratch to improve performance and quality. It also features a new high quality mode that matches the raytraced ground truth if using a high enough sample count. (000a340afa)

Previous implementation New depth of field


A few improvements have been made to the volumetric lighting. It is now easier to work with and has less limitations.

Previous implementation New (bug-fixed) volumetric shadowing
Area Light Support Soft Shadows Support
  • Added a new Volume and Diffuse slider light contribution. This addition was motivated by the current lack of support of light node-tree and visibility flag. (884f934a85)
  • Area lights are now correctly supported inside volumetric lighting. The solution is not physically based and does not match cycles perfectly. (355f884b2f)
  • Volumetric Lights Shadowing had bugs fixed that may change the look of certain scenes. (3a29c19b2b 54f52cac7c)
  • Volume lighting now uses a softer attenuation function, reducing flickering of lights center. (884f934a85)
  • Volume light clamp was changed to fit the new volumetric lighting. (b96acd0663)
  • Volume shadowing will now be soft if using the soft shadow option in the render property panel. Light needs to have shadows enabled for this to work. (89ef0da551)

Ambient Occlusion

A complete rewrite was done to fix over-darkening artifacts and precision issues. A better specular occlusion has been implemented to reduce light leaking from light-probes. (64d96f68d6)

Thanks to this, the ambient occlusion node now supports variable distance and an approximation of the inverted option. (dee94afd03)

Inverted AO node with textured distance input


  • Glass BSDF have been updated and have less visible interpolation artifacts when IOR is less than 1. (83ac8628c4)
  • Fresnel effect of glossy surfaces now follows Cycles more closely. (06492fd619)
  • Reflection Cubemaps probes have been improved for low roughness. Old scene now require a rebake. (aaf1650b09)
  • Normal Maps and smoothed normals do not produce strange reflections when reflection is below the surface. (1c22b551d0)
  • Sub-Surface Scattering do not leak light onto nearby surfaces. (cd9a6a0f93)
  • Screen-Space Raytracing (Reflections, Refraction, Shadows) have been improved to reduce the amount of noise and convergence time. (267a9e14f5 bbc5e26051 b79f209041)
  • Contact shadow distance fading was removed for performance and reliability reasons. (6842c549bb)
  • Faster animation rendering by reusing scene data between frames. (50782df42)