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Blender 2.93: Pipeline, Assets & I/O

glTF 2.0


  • Fix morph target import when named 'basis' (7521a4e27b)
  • Fix shapekey import with negative weight (0dc2141207)
  • Better extra error management (30012da835)


  • New feature: export 'Loose Points' and 'Loose Edges' (8d24537a6e)
  • New option to export only visible/renderable/active collection (91f57b4899)
  • Draco : Increase maximal compression limit (55ec46913b)
  • Inverse matrix only when there is a parent (8adb0dce85)
  • Hook entire glTF data for extensions (4e1ab4a386)
  • Fix shapekey export in some cases (5ef60cb44a)
  • Fix exporting with draco when duplicate geometry (3d7d5cead5)
  • Fix crash when mesh is not created, without crash (f172f77247)