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Blender 2.93: User Interface


  • The render visibility toggles are now shown by default. (510db9512f)
  • When showing folded item, more sub-items types are gathered as a single icon + counter (all bones, bone groups, and vertex groups, 92dfc8f267).

File Browser

  • "Frame Selected" operator to scroll to the selected files (5a67407d5a). This has shortcut Numpad . in Blender's default keymap, and F in the Industry Compatible keymap.

Window Management

All Platforms

  • Temporary windows play nicer with others. Opening a new window can no longer take over the space of a different window. (492e64c7bc).
  • Window / "New Window" now opens with a simpler layout, with just a single editor (the largest of the parent). (be9842f65b).

Windows Platform

  • Child windows are shown on top of parent windows. You can now work with overlapping and floating windows. (261fa052ac).
  • Improved positioning of windows on multiple monitors. (d447bd3e4a) (97fabc3c1c).
  • Improvements to Full-screen support (12193035ed) (9b87d3f029).

General Changes

  • Transform arrow cursor improvements in shape and in response to line width changes. (b4b02eb4ff).

  • Navigation Gizmo changes. Better indication of negative axes, consistent use of color and size to indicate orientation, ability to be resized. (ded9484925).

  • Position Gizmo tooltips below their bounds so as to not obscure themselves. (cf6d17a6aa).

  • Use ellipsis character when truncating strings no matter how narrow. (de3f369b30).
  • Windows OS - Allow any input language, regardless of translated display language. (f2781e1c7c).
  • Improved contrast for Status Bar report messages. (694bc4d040).

  • Window Manager: Add 'Confirm On Release' option for WM_OT_radial_control (631cc5d56e).
  • Update layouts for graph editor and NLA editor FModifiers (1f5647c07d).
  • Blender thumbnails now saved without "Camera View"-style Passepartout. (9c395d6275).
  • Virtual node sockets (unconnected node group sockets) are now more visible (b54b56fcbe).
  • Add Add Copy Full Data Path to RMB menu (85623f6a55).
  • Dynamically increase width of data-block and search-menu name buttons for long names where there is enough space (2dd040a349).
  • Allow translation of strings even when in 'en_US' locale, useful for non-English add-ons (7a05ebf84b).