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Blender 2.93: VFX & Video


Motion tracking

  • Add track averaging operator (f17b26bbed)
  • Resolved old-standing issue with Lock-to-View causing jumps when changing selection (66f8835f9c). The fix also avoids jump when toggling lock-to-selection option.



Redesigned Cryptomatte Workflow d49e7b82da

In the redesigned workflow a RenderLayer or Image can be selected directly from the cryptomatte node. The cryptomatte layers are extracted from the meta data. No need anymore to connect the sockets from the render layer node anymore.

Sampling a matte using the Cryptomatte node

When picking a cryptomatte id the mouse shows a hint what is underneath the mouse cursor. There is no need anymore to switch to the pick socket. You can even pick from the image editor or movie clip editor.

The matte id's are stored as readable text in the node. It is even possible to alter the text.

Anti Aliasing Node 805d947810

The Anti-Aliasing node removes distortion artifacts around edges known as aliasing. The implementation is based on Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing.

Anti aliasing node

Animation Player

  • Improved display performance using GLSL to convert the color-space instead of the CPU for float images fd3e44492e.
  • Added support for limiting cache using a memory limit instead of a fixed number of frames.
    This uses the memory cache limit system-preference when launching the player from Blender, otherwise it can be accessed with via a new command line argument -c <memory_limit_mb>. 3ee49c8711
  • Image cache is now filled at startup to avoid frame-skipping during playback as frames load 3ee49c8711