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Blender 3.0: Grease Pencil

Line Art

  • Speed up tile access. (6ad4b8b7)
  • Better tolerance to faces perpendicular to view. (5b176b66)
  • Threaded object loading. (1b07b7a0)
  • Cached calculation for modifiers that are in the same stack. (247abdbf)
  • Loose edge type and related chaining improvements. (841df831)
  • Option to filter feature line using freestyle face mark. (3558bb8e)
  • Occlussion effectiveness support for mesh material. (cf21ba37)
  • Option to filter feature line with collection intersection masks. (d1e0059e)
  • Camera overscan allows line art effective range to go beyond image frame, preventing strokes from ending right at the border. (8e9d06f5)
  • Automatic crease with flat/smooth surfaces, which allows crease detection to follow smooth/flat shading and auto-smooth configuration. (c1cf66bff3)
  • Stroke offset function, allow strokes to be interacting with scene depth without showing in-front of everything.(c3ef1c15)
  • Custom camera allows line art to compute strokes from other cameras instead of the active one.(efbd3642)
  • Trimming edges right at the image border, useful when having multiple camera setup where you want the border to be clean.(ec831ce5)


  • New operator to bake GPencil transformed strokes into a new GPencil object. (06f86dd4d9)
  • Multiframe support added to Reproject operator. (e1acefd45e)
  • Multiframe support added to Move to Layer operator. (e4cebec647)
  • Mask layer list now can be reordered. (8032bd98d8)
  • Now Blank objects include Layer and Material by default. (5cb1e18f72)
  • Added support to convert Text to Grease Pencil object. (41820e8a8e)
  • New Bracket keymaps ([, ]) to increase and decrease brush size. (c58bf31aed)
  • New operator to Copy materials to other grease pencil object. Can copy Active or All materials. (960535ddf3), (f6cb9433d4)
  • Layer Copy to Object has been renamed to Copy Layer to Object and allows to copy all layers at once. (960535ddf3), (f6cb9433d4)
  • New operator to normalize the Thickness or the Opacity of Strokes. (f944121700)
  • New Select Random operator. (a7aeec2655)
  • New Convert Mesh to Grease Pencil copy the Vertex Groups with weights. (88dc274d05)
  • Automerge when drawing strokes has been improved for better join when thickness is very different. (ae334532cf)


  • New Dilate parameter for Fill brush to expand filled area to fill small gaps. (f8f6e0b256)
  • Annotations: Restore the Placement parameter in 2D Editors. (6ee14c966d)


  • The Topbar Leak Size parameter has been replaced by new Dilate parameter. Leak Size has been moved to Advanced panel. (f8f6e0b256)
  • Removed duplicated B keymap to insert Blank keyframe in Drawing Mode. This was old keymap and it has been replaced with I menu. (0467979425)
  • Annotations now display Stabilizer parameters in topbar and also in VSE. (0a83f32d79)
  • New Use Lights option now available for when creating line art GPencil objects to allow convenient access to desired effect. (45b28c0f88)

  • New option in Topbar to define the type of caps (Rounded/Flat) used in new strokes. (c1730ed165)
  • New keymap Shift+Ctrl+Mto merge layer. (27b9cb7a1e)
  • Added buttons to move Up and Down Vertex Groups in the list. (2b64b4d90d)
  • Use Scale Thickness option is now enabled by default in 2D template. (6fc92b296f)
  • List of modifiers reorganized moving some of them to new Modify column. (9cf593f305)

Modifiers and VFX

  • New Vertex Weight modifiers to generate weights base on Proximity or Angle on the fly to be used in any modifier. (29b65f5345, 368b56c9a1)
  • New Randomize options for Offset modifier. (6a2bc40e01)
  • Now Offset modifier uses the weights in the randomize parameters. (b73dc36859)
  • New Length modifier that allows modification to stroke length in percentage to its own length or in geometry space (cd16123761), also supports extending strokes based on curvature (25e548c96b).

  • New Dot-dash modifier that allows generating dot-dash lines and assign different materials to each segments. (a2c5c2b406)


  • Added a new option to use masks during view layer render (e459a25e6c). This toggle can be found in the

"Layers" -> "Relations" panel called "Use Masks in Render". The option is disabled if there is no view layer selected.