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Blender 3.0: Python API

Bundled Python

Text Editor

  • The "Register" option to run Python scripts on startup no longer requires a .py extension in the name (3e775a4fc5).

Other Additions

  • Added multi-dimensional array support for bpy.props vector types (FloatVectorProperty, IntVectorProperty, BoolVectorProperty). (bc0a7d3fae).

Example that defines a 4x4 matrix property:

bpy.props.FloatVectorProperty(size=(4, 4), subtype='MATRIX')
  • Sequencer: Add Sequence.parent_meta() python API function (eec1ea0ccf)
  • In a File Browser, a list of selected files can be queried via bpy.context.selected_files (7ec839adfa).
  • In a File Browser, FileSelectEntry.relative_path gives a file's path (including the file name) relative to the currently displayed directory. This becomes relevant when the File Browser is set to show multiple levels of recursion. Multiple files with the same name may be visible then. So do not use the file name to reference file, use FileSelectEntry.relative_path instead. (79281336c0)
  • mathutils.{Vector/Matrix/Euler/Color/Quaternion} now have an is_valid attribute which can be used to check if their owner is still valid (0950cfd9d5).
  • Area maintenance "Close" can now be scripted, eg: bpy.ops.screen.area_close({"area": bpy.context.screen.areas\[0\]}). (9290b41381)
  • User Interface: expose additional mouse cursors [PICK_AREA, STOP, COPY, CROSS, MUTE, ZOOM_IN, ZOOM_OUT] (6bf8c95e52).
  • User Interface: new operator setting for bl_options called DEPENDS_ON_CURSOR to be used so operators wait for input when accessed from menus (da2ba40268).
  • User Interface: support setting the cursor when DEPENDS_ON_CURSOR is used via OperatorType.bl_cursor_pending (2a8e5128c1).

Other Changes

  • Added functions to ensure and clear an RNA struct's IDProperties: id_properties_clear() and id_properties_ensure() (c202d38659).
  • Added Operator.poll_message_set(message, ...)
    Operators can now set a message for why an operators poll function fails (ebe04bd3ca).
  • New handler that executes when starting a virtual reality session. Main use-case is to pass a VR controller action map (the XR equivalent of a key-map) to the session (cb12fb78ca).
  • New XrSessionSettings.use_absolute_tracking property that, when true, allows the VR tracking origin to be defined independently of the headset position (36c0649d32).
  • New XrSessionSettings.base_scale property that defines the VR viewer's reference scale (3434a991ec).
  • New XrSessionSettings properties for VR overlays (show_selection, show_controllers, show_custom_overlays) and controller visualization (controller_draw_style) (9dda65455b).
  • New XrSessionState methods for VR actions (e844e9e8f3).
    • Action creation:action_set_create(), action_create(), action_binding_create(), active_action_set_set(), controller_pose_actions_set()
    • Action querying:action_state_get()
    • Haptics:haptic_action_apply(),haptic_action_stop()
    • Controller poses:controller_grip_location_get(), controller_grip_rotation_get(), controller_aim_location_get(), controller_aim_rotation_get()
  • New XrSessionState.actionmaps collection property to store default VR action maps. Main use-case is to load default action maps from a Python script into this collection and then create actions for the session during the xr_session_start_pre handler (e844e9e8f3).
  • New XrSessionState.navigation_location/rotation/scale properties that allow the VR viewer to navigate the viewport by adding these deltas to the viewer's base pose/scale (3434a991ec).
  • New XR_ACTION event type and Event.xr property for accessing XR event data such as input states and controller poses (cdeb506008).
  • New XR region type for drawing to the VR viewport (headset display) and mirror region. Add-ons can use Space.draw_handler_add() with region type XR and draw type POST_VIEW for VR custom drawing (9dda65455b).
  • New Matrix.LocRotScale constructor for combining all transformation channels into a matrix in one call. (a86e815dd8).

Breaking Changes

  • Replaced PoseBone.custom_shape_scale scalar with a PoseBone.custom_shape_scale_xyz vector; in addition, custom_shape_translation and custom_shape_rotation_euler were added. (fc5bf09fd8)
  • Renamed bbone_curveiny/bbone_curveouty to bbone_curveinz/bbone_curveoutz. Combined scale channels into bbone_scalein.x/y/z and bbone_scaleout.x/y/z vectors, with original y also becoming z to make space for an actual Y scale channel. (682a74e090)
  • Remove unused BMesh.from_object deform argument (ead084b6e1).
  • Remove context.active_base (44db4e50b2).
  • Remove use of wiki_url for add-ons bl_info (use "doc_url" instead) (aaa07a3a8f).
  • Remove IDPropertyGroup.iteritems, now keys, values & items all use iterators (265d97556a).
  • Some RNA accessors were creating data, which is very bad on design level for several reasons, the following were changed:
    • Force fields and collision settings (Object.field, Object.collision, ParticleSettings.force_field_1 and ParticleSettings.force_field_2). Object ones can be None and need to be added explicitly now (Collision modifier and forcefield_toggle operator), particle ones are always generated together with particles settings.
    • ID preview can be None, can use the new preview_ensure function first then.
  • Remove (90b0fb135f) (use sys.executable instead)
  • Replace UI_EMBOSS_NONE_OR_STATUS with NONE_OR_STATUS in UILayout.emboss (0afe4e81cb).
  • Remove non-functional renderable_only arg from bpy.ops.wm.alembic_export (834e87af7b).
  • Move preferences.view.show_layout_ui to preferences.apps.show_corner_split (9fee59a484).
  • Rename bpy.types.TOPBAR_MT_app and bpy.types.TOPBAR_MT_app_system to bpy.types.TOPBAR_MT_blender and bpy.types.TOPBAR_MT_blender_system (58043c0637).
  • Remove icon SMALL_TRI_RIGHT_VEC (use DISCLOSURE_TRI_RIGHT for a similar icon). (368d794407).

IDProperty UI Data API

IDProperty UI data storage was refactored to remove the special _RNA_UI subgroup, adding a proper manager for a property's UI data (8b9a3b94fc).

IDProperty UI data before 3.0. UI data is stored in the _RNA_UI subgroup.

UI data is stored directly in the property now.

  • Python objects with custom properties now have an id_properties_ui(prop_name) method, which returns a manager for the UI data, with the following methods:
    • update: Update UI data values, like min=1.0 or default="new_default"
    • as_dict: Returns a dictionary containing the UI data values
    • clear: Removes the property's UI data.
    • update_from: Copy UI data between properties, even if they have different owners.
  • Note: code that simply wants to create a property with UI data is advised to switch to the rna_idprop_ui_create utility function from the rna_prop_ui module, which has existed since 2.80 and was transparently updated to preserve compatibility through this change to the internals.

Supported UI Data

Property Type Min Max Soft Min Soft Min Step Precision Default Subtype Description
Float X X X X X X X (and arrays) X X
Integer X X X X X X X (and arrays) X X
String X X X

Geometry Instancing

Previously, objects were the smallest unit of instancing. Now, object-data, such as meshes, can be instanced without creating an object with that data first. (5a9a16334c)

The API for accessing instances did not change, one just has to be more careful now.

import bpy
depsgraph = bpy.context.view_layer.depsgraph
for object_instance in depsgraph.object_instances:
    if object_instance.is_instance:

Previously, and were always the same. Now they can be different and it is correct to use

  • object_instance.object: A temporary object wrapping the instance. References to this object must not be stored between loop iterations.
  • Actual object-data/geometry of the instance. This data should be rendered/exported. It can be stored between loop iterations and is still valid after the loop.
  • object_instance.matrix_world: Transformation matrix of the instance.
  • object_instance.instance_object: Object that created and owns the instance.
  • Data of the object that created the instance. This should probably never be used now.

Use Keyword Only Arguments

  • addon_utils.module_bl_info 2nd arg info_basis.
  • addon_utils.modules 1st module_cache, 2nd arg refresh.
  • addon_utils.modules_refresh 1st arg module_cache.
  • bl_app_template_utils.activate 1nd arg template_id.
  • bl_app_template_utils.import_from_id 2nd arg ignore_not_found.
  • bl_app_template_utils.import_from_path 2nd arg ignore_not_found.
  • bl_keymap_utils.keymap_from_toolbar.generate 2nd & 3rd args use_fallback_keys & use_reset.
  • bl_keymap_utils.platform_helpers.keyconfig_data_oskey_from_ctrl 2nd argfilter_fn`.
  • bl_ui_utils.bug_report_url.url_prefill_from_blender 1st argaddon_info`.
  • bmesh.types.BMFace.copy 1st & 2nd args verts, edges.
  • bmesh.types.BMesh.calc_volume 1st arg signed.
  • bmesh.types.BMesh.from_mesh 2nd..4th args face_normals, use_shape_key, shape_key_index.
  • bmesh.types.BMesh.from_object 3rd & 4th args cage, face_normals.
  • bmesh.types.BMesh.transform 2nd arg filter.
  • bmesh.types.BMesh.update_edit_mesh 2nd & 3rd args loop_triangles, destructive.
  • bmesh.types.{BMVertSeq,BMEdgeSeq,BMFaceSeq}.sort 1st & 2nd arg key, reverse.
  • bmesh.utils.face_split 4th..6th args coords, use_exist, example.
  • 2nd..4th args link, relative, assets_only.
  • 1st..3rd args subset, key_types, value_types.
  • bpy.msgbus.subscribe_rna 5th arg options.
  • bpy.path.abspath 2nd & 3rd args start & library.
  • bpy.path.clean_name 2nd arg replace.
  • bpy.path.ensure_ext 3rd arg case_sensitive.
  • bpy.path.module_names 2nd arg recursive.
  • bpy.path.relpath 2nd arg start.
  • bpy.types.EditBone.transform 2nd & 3rd arg scale, roll.
  • bpy.types.Operator.as_keywords 1st arg ignore.
  • bpy.types.Struct.{keyframe_insert,keyframe_delete} 2nd..5th args index, frame, group, options.
  • bpy.types.WindowManager.popup_menu 2nd & 3rd arg title, icon.
  • bpy.types.WindowManager.popup_menu_pie 3rd & 4th arg title, icon.
  • bpy.utils.app_template_paths 1st arg subdir.
  • bpy.utils.app_template_paths 1st arg subdir.
  • bpy.utils.blend_paths 1st..3rd args absolute, packed, local.
  • bpy.utils.execfile 2nd arg mod.
  • bpy.utils.keyconfig_set 2nd arg report.
  • bpy.utils.load_scripts 1st & 2nd reload_scripts & refresh_scripts.
  • bpy.utils.preset_find 3rd & 4th args display_name, ext.
  • bpy.utils.resource_path 2nd & 3rd arg major, minor.
  • bpy.utils.script_paths 1st..4th args subdir, user_pref, check_all, use_user.
  • bpy.utils.smpte_from_frame 2nd & 3rd args fps, fps_base.
  • bpy.utils.smpte_from_seconds 2nd & 3rd args fps, fps_base.
  • bpy.utils.system_resource 2nd arg subdir.
  • bpy.utils.time_from_frame 2nd & 3rd args fps, fps_base.
  • bpy.utils.time_to_frame 2nd & 3rd args fps, fps_base.
  • bpy.utils.units.to_string 4th..6th precision, split_unit, compatible_unit.
  • bpy.utils.units.to_value 4th arg str_ref_unit.
  • bpy.utils.user_resource 2nd & 3rd args subdir, create
  • bpy_extras.view3d_utils.location_3d_to_region_2d 4th arg default.
  • bpy_extras.view3d_utils.region_2d_to_origin_3d 4th arg clamp.
  • gpu.offscreen.unbind 1st arg restore.
  • gpu_extras.batch.batch_for_shader 4th arg indices.
  • gpu_extras.batch.presets.draw_circle_2d 4th arg segments.
  • gpu_extras.presets.draw_circle_2d 4th arg segments.
  • imbuf.types.ImBuf.resize 2nd arg resize.
  • imbuf.write 2nd arg filepath.
  • mathutils.kdtree.KDTree.find 2nd arg filter.
  • nodeitems_utils.NodeCategory 3rd & 4th arg descriptions, items.
  • nodeitems_utils.NodeItem 2nd..4th args label, settings, poll.
  • nodeitems_utils.NodeItemCustom 1st & 2nd arg poll, draw.
  • rna_prop_ui.draw 5th arg use_edit.
  • rna_prop_ui.rna_idprop_ui_get 2nd arg create.
  • rna_prop_ui.rna_idprop_ui_prop_clear 3rd arg remove.
  • rna_prop_ui.rna_idprop_ui_prop_get 3rd arg create.
  • rna_xml.xml2rna 2nd arg root_rna.
  • rna_xml.xml_file_write 4th arg skip_typemap.

See commit (f29a738e23).

Motion Blur Velocities

Fluid and Alembic modifier properties for vertex velocities were removed. These were used for motion blur on meshes with changing topology, where vertex positions can't be matched with other frames. (128eb6c)

  • FluidDomainSettings.mesh_vertices
  • MeshSequenceCacheModifier.vertex_velocities, MeshSequenceCacheModifier.has_velocity, MeshSequenceCacheModifier.read_velocity

Instead, renderers and exporters should use the velocity attribute on meshes.

for attribute in mesh.attributes:
    if == 'velocity' and attribute.data_type == 'FLOAT_VECTOR':
         print([item.vector for item in])

The unit of velocity also changed, it is now Blender scene distance units per second. Previously vertex velocities were relative to frames instead of seconds.