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Blender 3.0: Sculpt

Transfer Mode

Transfer mode tool now has a nicer flash animation and a new hotkey, ALT-Q. It also now works in more modes.

Demo of transferring sculpt mode between separate objects. Recorded by Tonatiuh de San Julián

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Other Changes

  • The Voxel Remesher shading mode is now automatic depending on the object's flat/smooth shading option. ef7fcaf8e6.
  • Texture Paint: better syncing between texture slots and editors. (56005ef499, 3b2a01edf6, b0cb0a7854)
  • Texture Paint: Stencil now uses the assigned UV Layer properly. f11bcb5a80.
  • Weight Paint Gradient tool now has its falloff exposed. f8a0e102cf.
  • Improved Multires performance 482465e18a.