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Blender 3.0: VFX & Video

Clip Editor

  • Expose 2D Cursor Location to UI and Python API (2d867426b1)
  • User Interface: Move Annotation Panel to new View tab (ce95a2b148)
  • Sort by start/end frame in the dopesheet (fb820496f5)



  • 128 channels are supported now (before it was 32) (8fecc2a852)
  • The layout of the speed Effect Strip has been reworked (f013e3de81)
  • Allow effect inputs to be blended if placed above effect (0b7744f4da)
  • Bring back select strips at current frame feature (7655cc45eb)
  • Use own category for metadata panel (3400ba329e)
  • Add refresh_all operator to all sequencer regions (3e695a27cd)
  • Improve animation evaluation performance (1a5fa2b319)
  • Reduce transform code complexity (e7003bc965)
  • Improved Snapping (fba9cd019f)
  • Make pasted strip active (d374469f4c)
  • Add Sequence.split RNA function (53743adc29)
  • Draw strips transparent during transform overlap (f5cc348610)
  • Add Sequence.parent_meta() python API function (eec1ea0ccf)
  • Set default sound and video export format (70f890b510)
  • Add transform overwrite mode (59cd9c6da6)
  • Strip thumbnails (997b5fe45d)
  • Image transform tools (fa2c1698b0)
  • Add color tags to strips (5cebcb415e)
  • Add ASC CDL color correction method (213554f24a)