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Blender 3.0: Virtual Reality

Controller Support

Blender 3.0 offers a brand new set of VR controller-based functionality, including the ability to visualize controllers (VR, regular 3D viewport) and the ability to navigate (teleport/fly/grab) one's way through a scene in VR using controller inputs. This functionality is available via the updated VR Scene Inspection add-on.

Classroom by Christophe Seux

Race Spaceship by Alessandro Chiffi / ONdata Studio

Other Changes & Additions

  • Session uses stage reference space (user-defined tracking bounds) instead of local reference space (position at application launch), when available (36c0649d32).
  • New "Absolute Tracking" session option which skips eye offsets that are normally added for placing users exactly at landmarks. This allows the tracking origin to be defined independently of the headset position (36c0649d32).

  • New Custom Object type for VR landmarks (replaces old Custom Camera), which enables any object to be used as a base pose reference for the VR viewer. In addition, a viewer reference scale can now be set for landmarks of type Custom Object or Custom Pose (823910c50d).

  • Higher color depth for VR-displayed images when supported by runtime (eb278f5e12).
  • Support for Varjo quad-view and foveated headsets (Varjo VR-3, XR-3) (07c6af4136).


  • Fixed pink screen issue on Windows when using the SteamVR runtime with AMD graphics cards (82ab2c1678).
  • Fixed render artifacts (geometry occluded for one eye) when using VR with EEVEE and viewport denoising (c41b93bda5).