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  • Mesh vertex and face normals have been refactored, reducing unnecessary calculation, improving caching, and generally improving performance in more complex files (cfa53e0fbe).
    • These changes do not affect pure edit mode performance.
  • Mesh bounding box calculation has been multi-threaded, which can make exiting edit mode faster (6a71b2af66).
  • The accuracy of NURBS knots calculation has been improved, allowing the combination of B├ęzier and cyclic modes (45d038181a).
  • An new operator on meshes allows converting generic attributes to UV layers or vertex groups, or other generic data types (f6888b530a).
    • The operator also makes it possible to change the domain of an attribute on original geometry.

Subdivision Surface

  • The Subdivision Surface modifier now benefits from GPU acceleration (eed45d2a23).
    • To enable or disable the GPU acceleration, a new user preference setting is available under Viewport > Subdivision.
  • Vertex creasing for subdivision surfaces is now supported (4425e0cd64).
    • This allows to mark vertices as arbitrarily sharp to create interesting shapes more efficiently:

Example shapes made using vertex and edge creasing.