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Blender 3.1: Sculpt, Paint, Texture


Tiled images now support file names containing UDIM substitution tokens (#92696, D13057, 180b66ae8a)

The following 2 tokens are supported and can be used while loading and saving images:

  • : A 4-digit notation calculated as 1001 + u-tile + v-tile * 10
  • : A notation defined as u(u-tile + 1)_v(v-tile + 1)

Example: monster-basecolor.<UDIM>.png will load/save files like monster-basecolor.1021.png etc.

Example: monster-basecolor.<UVTILE>.png will load/save files like monster-basecolor.u1_v3.png etc. (Tiles from u1_v1 through u10_v100 inclusive are supported.)