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Core Module

Proxy Removal

Proxies have been deprecated since Blender 3.0, but their internal evaluation/management code was still there, and it was still possible to keep using existing proxies defined in older versions of Blender.

They have now been fully removed. Existing proxies are converted to library overrides as best as possible.

For more details, please see the relevant task.

Library Overrides


  • Overridden properties are now editable in the 'Override' view, 'Properties' view mode of the Outliner.
  • The 'override hierarchy' concept (for example, an override of a full character is an override hierarchy, which include the root collection, all of its sub-collections, objects, etc.) has become much more important. It helps data-block relationships sane, especially when re-syncing after the reference library data has changed.
    • Most overrides created as part of a hierarchy are no more editable by default, but can be made editable from the Outliner contextual menu (more ways to do so are being worked on).

User Interface

The UI for Library Overrides in the Outliner was reworked.

  • The Library Overrides display mode now allows selecting between two view modes:
    • Properties: Displays all properties changed through library overrides, together with buttons to edit the value(s) of each property (d8e3bcf770). This is an improved version of the previous display mode. (76879e3702, 1ff853a3f0, 8b5292a60e)
    • Hierarchies: Display the hierarchical al relationships between overridden data-blocks. For example to override a mesh of an object inside a collection, Blender automatically overrides the entire collection -> object -> mesh hierarchy. A column on the right allows enabling/disabling overrides (994da7077d). Disabling an override will revert all overridden properties.
  • Other display modes no longer list library overrides. Now that there is an improved display mode dedicated to library overrides, this isn't really needed anymore. (dcb520a7af)


  • Performances of library override resync process were greatly improved (over ten times faster, depending on the file), a71a513def, 1695d38989.

Movie Cache


  • New Set Parent option, Object (Keep Transform Without Inverse), and Apply option, Parent Inverse db6287873c. The operators preserve the child's world transform without using the parent inverse matrix. Effectively, we set the child's origin to the parent. When the child has an identity local transform, then the child is world-space aligned with its parent (scale excluded).