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  • Bump node without Height plugged in is now optimized into a complete no-op like in Cycles to support the old workaround for defaulting a node group input to normal. (460d1a4cb3)
  • Shader compilation progress was moved to the viewport engine info display. It is now a shader count instead of a progress percentage. (e2cd5c6748)
  • Sub-Surface Scattering radius socket input is now treated as a mean radius instead of a scaling factor for the pre-computed SSS kernel (which still uses the socket default value). Manual patching of existing scene may be required. (80859a6cb2)
  • Materials using Shader-To-RGB nodes now never receive Screen Space Reflections or Sub-Surface Scattering effects even if the BSDFs are not connected to the Shader-To-RGB nodes. (80859a6cb2)
  • Displacement bump now also affects Image texture node's box projection mode. (80859a6cb2 & #97916)