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Grease Pencil



  • Scale Stroke Thickness is now visible in Pie menu. (acd7a648b1)

Pie Menu

Modifiers and VFX

  • Dot Dash modifier:
    • Lowered the bounds limits for dash and gap (8d4244691a)

    • New option to use Cyclic per segment (97f2210157)

Dot dash Cyclic

  • Smooth Modifier: New option to keep the overall shape closer to the original, avoiding the strokes to shrink (d4e1458db3)

Build Modifier


  • Added a cache to speed up Grease Pencil object evaluation. This is currently used only for drawing strokes and sculpting using some brushes like the push brush. (e2befa425a)
  • Improve multi-user Grease Pencil data performance with modifiers. (7ca13eef7c)

Bug Fix

  • Grease Pencil edit mode overlays now support the clipping region. (69a43069e8)