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Pipeline, Assets, IO

Asset System & Asset Browser

  • Collection assets are now supported (253e4e7ed2)
    • An automatic preview image is generated when using Mark as Asset (810e225c26).
    • Collection instancing can be toggled in the Adjust Last Operation panel after dropping to the 3D View (eb1ede5693).
  • Ability to drag materials (from Asset Browser for example) to Material slots in Properties editor. (fd2519e0b6)

Wavefront Obj I/O

New experimental OBJ importer. (e6a9b22384, 213cd39b6d)

The new importer is written in C++ and is much faster than the Python importer, while using less memory as well. Import time comparisons on several large scenes:

  • rungholt.obj Minecraft level (269MB file, 1 object): 54.2s -> 5.9s, memory usage 7.0GB -> 1.9GB during import.
  • Blender 3.0 splash scene (2.4GB file, 24000 objects): 4 hours -> 53s.

Experimental OBJ exporter: Speed improvements. (1f7013fb90, e2e4c1daaa).

Export time comparisons between Blender 3.1.1 and 3.2:

  • Suzanne, subdivided to 6th level (330MB obj file):
    • Windows (32 threads): 6.0s -> 1.0s
    • macOS (10 threads): 3.9s -> 1.2s
    • Linux (48 threads): 6.2s -> 1.4s
  • Blender 3.0 splash scene (2.4GB obj file):
    • Windows (32 threads): 45.5s -> 3.9s
    • macOS (10 threads): 27.2s -> 5.5s
    • Linux (48 threads): 33.4s -> 4.4s

Media Formats

Blender now has support for the WebP image format which works similar to PNG but compresses faster and generates smaller file sizes. (4fd0a69d7b)