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Python API

Text Editor

  • Python exceptions from the text editor are now displayed in the info-space (as well as the console). (2d2baeaf04).
  • Soft keywords are now syntax highlighted. (c6ed879f9a)


  • Context.temp_override has been added to support temporarily setting the context which can be useful after loading a file (for example) where the context is cleared making many operators fail to run. (f438344cf2)
  • Context.path_resolve now supports resolving attributes such as "active_object", "scene" ... etc. Expressions such as context.path_resolve("active_object.modifiers[0].name") now work as expected. (7bb8eeb3a8)
  • Text.region_from_string & Text.region_as_string methods can be used to get and set the selection, optionally passing in the region to access. (f49a736ff4).
  • mathutils.Color gained methods to convert between the scene linear color space and sRGB, CIE XYZ, ACES and Linear Rec.709. Most values returned by Blender APIs are in scene linear color space, with the notable exception of user interface theming colors which are in sRGB. (469ee7f)
  • Persistent handlers in can now use methods from a class. (0f583d9d60)

Breaking Changes

  • XrActionMapItem.user_paths collection property replaces XrActionMapItem.user_path0/user_path1. Similarly, XrActionMapBinding.component_paths collection property replaces XrActionMapBinding.component_path0/component_path1. This allows XR actions to have a variable amount of bindings instead of being limited to 2 per action. (6a8709ba13)
  • gpu.shader.code_from_builtin it is no longer compatible with Blender's internal gpu module and had to be removed. (3e98331a09)
  • The MeshVertex.normal property is now read-only, which prevents confusion due to the way vertex normals are calculated on-demand. (891268aa82)
  • Tweak events have been removed from KeyMapItem.type. (EVT_TWEAK_L, EVT_TWEAK_M, EVT_TWEAK_R)

Instead of special types, regular mouse button types should be used (LEFTMOUSE, MIDDLEMOUSE, RIGHTMOUSE) with the KeyMapItem.value set to CLICK_DRAG. Directional dragging can be specified by setting KeyMapItem.direction. (4986f71848, 7e4c031328)

  • The value of motion events (MOUSEMOVE, INBETWEEN_MOUSEMOVE) is now always NOTHING, instead of the previous PRESS / RELEASE event's value 52af3b20d4.
  • Sequence properties frame_still_start and frame_still_end have been removed. Same functionality can be now achieved by setting negative frame_offset_start or frame_offset_end (8ca9ce0986)
  • Adding a new Geometry Nodes modifier doesn't automatically populate it with a new node tree anymore (08b4b657b6).


  • The primitive drawing types 'LINE_LOOP' and 'TRI_FAN' used in GPUBatch have been deprecated as they will be removed in future releases. (e2d8b6dc06)
  • Passing the context to operators as a dictionary) has been deprecated as part of the inclusion of Context.temp_override which should be used instead. (f438344cf2)
# Deprecated API
bpy.ops.object.delete({"selected_objects": objects_to_delete})

# New API
with context.temp_override(selected_objects=objects_to_delete):
  • Mesh.vertex_colors is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. The new sculpt paint tools can now create color attributes, found in Mesh.attributes with type BYTE_COLOR and FLOAT_COLOR. Importers and exporters are recommended to support both types of color attributes, and attributes in general.
    Different from the old vertex colors, color attribute values are in scene linear color space instead of sRGB color space. For file formats that require sRGB colors, mathutils.Color.from_scene_linear_to_srgb can perform the conversion.