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User Interface


  • The "Use Snap" option is no longer shared between different types of editors (3D View, UV, Sequencer and Node) (e3de755ae3)
  • Drag and Drop
    • Dragging preview thumbnails from the File Browser and Asset Browser doesn't require clicking exactly on the preview image anymore. (Almost) the entire tile can be used to start dragging now. (6e487228a5)
    • It is now possible to drag materials (from Asset Browser for example) to Material Properties slots. (fd2519e0b6)
  • File Browser search now works correctly with descriptive font names. (f381c73a21)
  • Editor Management
    • Duplicated windows using corner Actions Zones are now immediately activated (db4d5d1583).
    • The "Swap Areas" operator (when used from corner action zones) can work between separate Windows (29696fb725).
  • Windows OS
    • Proper handling of Full Width numbers while in Chinese IME character entry. (82c852f387)
    • OneDrive link added to File Browser "System" list. (ace1b6a73a).
    • Improved numerical entry when using Chinese language. (6b7756279f, 4311a32bc2).
  • Support for font file formats "Woff" and "Woff2". (55c90df316).
  • Adjustments to the Quick Setup screen to fit contents better, especially with High DPI monitors. (7aec5b0622).

3D Viewport

  • Clicking in object mode won't cycle selection on first click. (b1908f2e0b)
  • Support maintaining orthographic views when rolling 90/-90 degrees (13efaa8a09).
  • 3D Mouse / NDOF
    • 90/-90 degree rotation is used for roll buttons (13efaa8a09).
    • N2D style pan & zoom is not optionally supported in the camera view instead of leaving the camera view. (51975b89ed, 391c3848b1).
  • Correction to font size of Side Bar tab text (b959f603da).


  • Objects that use the "Curve" data type in the Outliner will be displayed using their respective sub-type icon (curve, surface or font icon). (1e1d1f15e8)