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glTF 2.0


  • Add missing image name (a2650c0158)
  • Manage some official Khronos Extensions about Materials (042fbefac6)


  • Manage some official Khronos Extensions about Materials (042fbefac6)
  • Replace Separate RGB shader node by new Separate Color node (c28c92c149)
  • Allow custom name for merged animation (501c97628f)
  • Export deformation bones only, without animation, is now possible (807a64cdfc)
  • Draco: Directly look at path specified by environment variable (11bc851e16)
  • Fix camera & light export when Yup is off (849e7196eb)
  • Export all actions of a single armature is now under an export option (09d752e845)
  • Fixed bezier control points to cubic spline tangents conversion (08d13c024f)
  • Manage all 4 types of Vertex Colors (corner/point - byte/float) (2fcac97522)
  • Performance: cache parent/children data to avoid bad .children performance when used a lot (5b2953ad08)
  • Avoid crash when all drivers are invalids (69b9725ba0)
  • Add bufferView Target at export (ef0027e72d)


  • Support listing images used by Empty objects in Debug tool (8d609fc7e6)
  • Add check for unsaved images in Save/Reload operator (3c6a16fcbe)
  • Fix Debug feature to list users of image datablocks (4a522d353a)

Collection Manager

  • Fix duplicate keymap entries for QVT operators. (1cc09e24c5)
  • Fix duplicate QCD widgets being added when pressing backspace while hovering over the QCD 3D Viewport Header Widget checkbox in the preferences. (af8d747d00)
  • Fix adding/removing objects from nested collections to/from the current selection. (3570274fe7)