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User Interface


  • Windows: support for precision touchpad gestures. Navigation is now consistent with middle mouse button, and different from the previous default behavior. Panning with two fingers orbits the 3D viewport and pans in 2D viewports. Hold down shift to pan, and control to zoom. The pinch gesture can also be used to zoom in or out. (e58b18888c)
    Check if your touchpad supports precision gestures by going to Windows Settings > Devices > Touchpad and looking for the "Your PC has a precision touchpad" label.
    Trackpad input can be customized in the keymap editor, by filtering by Key-Binding "trackpad".
  • Windows: title Bar will respect operating system "Dark Mode" setting. (ddbac88c08)
  • Support for text fields to show candidates in more situations including operator, menu & panel identifiers in the key-map editor and context data-paths for operators that use data-paths (3f3d82cfe9)

  • Scrollbars always visible, but gain prominence as your mouse approaches. (6243972319)
  • Avoid redundant words in checkbox labels for custom properties: Is Library Overridable -> Library Overridable, Use Soft Limits -> Soft Limits (18960c08fd, 18960c08fd)
  • A Pin Scene option was introduced to workspaces. Workspaces with the scene pinned will remember the last used scene, and restore that when the workspace gets re-enabled (e0cc86978c). An icon in the scene switcher allows toggling it (b8605ee458).
  • Improved layout of File Browser UI settings in the Preferences: Show Recent Locations and Show System Locations now show up as Recent and System under a Show Locations heading. (1ef686bd26)


  • In the Library Overrides view mode for Properties, display overridden properties in hierarchy with proper UI names and icons, instead of as a list of RNA paths to the properties. This is a more user friendly way of visualizing this data.


Blender 3.3

  • Ability to directly edit library paths in the Outliner has been removed. This could lead to corruptions of advanced library data like overrides. Modern process using relocate operation should be used instead. Direct library file path editing remains possible from direct RNA access (python console or Data API view of the Outliner for example).
  • Improved performance of View Layer and Library Overrides display mode with complex object parent/child hierarchies. (afde12e066)

Asset Browser

  • Don't show catalog path in the tooltip when dragging assets over root level catalogs. The path and catalog name would match then, so the name would just be repeated twice in the tooltip. (2e33172719)

File Browser

  • Ctrl l (Cmd l on macOS) to edit the directory path button. (209bf7780e)
  • Theme settings: Use Widget font style instead of Widget Label for File Browser text. (6f7171525b)


  • Transform gizmos now display while being dragged (648350e456).