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Blender 3.4 Release Notes

Blender 3.4 was released on December 7, 2022.

Check out out the final release notes on

Animation & Rigging


EEVEE & Viewport

Grease Pencil

Modeling & UV

Nodes & Physics

Pipeline, Assets & I/O

Platform-Specific Changes

Python API & Text Editor

Render & Cycles

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

User Interface



  • The "Transfer Attribute" node has been split into three separate nodes. For more information, see the geometry nodes section
  • The "MixRGB" node for Shader and Geometry Nodes is converted to the new "Mix Node" on loading. Files saved with the new node are not forward compatible with older versions of Blender (bfa0ee13d5).
  • Because of asset support in node editor add menus, node group asset files must be re-saved in version 3.4 (bdb5754147).

Corrective Releases