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Animation & Rigging

Redo Panel

  • The NLA, Dopesheet, and Timeline editors now have a Redo panel (1f828a5a06, 3132d2751e). Some properties shown in these redo panels may be superfluous (like having a Z-axis when moving keys around); this is a known limitation.


  • Draw track background based on strip's extrapolation type (2310daed3a).

  • Adding an action clip now fails immediately if no NLA track is selected (ddfce277e0). Previously this only failed after you selected a specific action to add.
  • Removed the "Edited Action" tab for selected Action strips in the NLA editor (b6ebd5591c). It is still available in the Action editor, where it is actually suitable/usable. Having it in the NLA got in the way of the actual NLA strip properties. These are now available immediately by default.
  • Pushing down an action to a new NLA track now automatically names that track after the Action (78fe6d7ab1).

Driver Mute

The driver editor and the "Edit Driver" popover now have a checkbox that can mute the driver (c592bff047). This is the same functionality as the checkbox in the driver editor's channel list, but then exposed in a different place in the UI. This is for convenience, such that a driver can now be muted by right-clicking on the driven property, choosing "Edit Driver", then muting it there. The same checkbox was added to the regular driver editor's header for consistency.

Editor Driver pop-over