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Grease Pencil


  • Now SVG import allows to import several files in one operation. Also, the name of the .SVG is used as Blender name. (670ced9758)
  • New Outline operator to convert strokes to perimeter. (aa7b2f1dd9)
  • New Outline option at brush level to convert to outline the last stroke drawn. (613b6ad9e5)
  • New Set Start Pointoperator to define the start point for cyclic strokes. (98c4e1e590)
  • New Offset parameter in reproject operator for surface mode. (5c33704ffa)


The new method determines when to close the strokes based on how close they are using a circle radius. This new method is better suited than the old one (now renamed Extend) when the extended strokes never cross

If the gap between strokes is greater than the actual radius, the system shows circles. To change the size of the circle use Wheel Mouse or PageUp / PageDown. Also it's possible to use MMB of the mouse or pen.

As soon the radius determine that the gap is closed, the help circles are hidden. This allows to focus in pending gaps, keeping only circles in pending ones.

The Advanced panel was rearranged and now has a new section for Gap Closure with all the new options.

Note: The old gap closure method using straight lines has been renamed as Extend and the Leak Size has been removed because new algorithms make this parameter obsolete.

  • Fill tool extend lines now are clipped when there is a collision. (5c13c7cd30)
  • New option to check if extension collide with normal strokes (not extensions). If enabled, if the extension collide, the color will be blue. Only blue extension will be used to limit fill area.
  • Use S key to toggle extend method from Extend->Radius->Extend.
  • Use D key to toggle stroke collision check.


  • New Outline modifier to generate perimeter stroke from camera view. (5f7259a001)
  • LineArt: New "Forced Intersection" option that allows objects to always produce intersections even against objects that are set as "No Intersection". This allows more flexible configuration of more complex scenes. (0bdb5239c1)
  • New Chain mode in Time Offset modifier that allows run one after another different Offset types. (b0d70a9c80)

Python API

  • New Trace Frame parameter in Trace operator. (903709c4eb)

The default trace can only trace an image or a sequence, but it was not possible to trace only selected frames in a sequence. This new parameter allows to define what frame trace. If the value is 0, the trace is done as before. The parameter is not exposed in the UI because this is only logic if it is managed by a python API.