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Geometry Nodes

Viewer Node

  • The Viewer Node now has the ability to preview geometry and attributes in the viewport as well as the spreadsheet (c55d38f00b).
    • When a field is linked to the second input of the viewer node it is displayed as an overlay in the viewport.
    • A viewer node is activated by clicking on it.
    • The attribute overlay opacity can be controlled with the "Viewer Node" setting in the overlays popover.
    • A viewport can be configured not to show intermediate viewer-geometry by disabling the "Viewer Node" option in the "View" menu.
    • Viewer nodes now have a domain dropdown. It determines which domain the field will be evaluated on.


  • The Self Object retrieves the current modifier object for retrieving transforms (dd5131bd70).
  • The Transfer Attribute node has been removed and split into multiple more specific nodes (dedc679eca).
    • The Sample Index node retrieves data from specific geometry elements by index.
    • The Sample Nearest node retrieves the indices from the closest geometry elements
    • The Sample Nearest Surface node interpolates a field input to the closest location on a mesh surface.


  • The new Face Set Boundaries node finds the edges between different patches of faces (3ff15a9e23).
  • Access to mesh topology information has been improved, with new nodes and other changes .
    • Corners of Face Retrieves corners that make up a face (482d431bb6).
    • Corners of Vertex Retrieves face corners connected to vertices (482d431bb6).
    • Edges of Corner Retrieves the edges on boths sides of a face corner (482d431bb6).
    • Edges of Vertex Retrieves the edges connected to each vertex (482d431bb6).
    • Face of Corner Retrieves the face each face corner is part of (482d431bb6).
    • Offset Corner in Face Retrieves neighboring corners within a face (482d431bb6).
    • Vertex of Corner Retrieves the vertex each face corner is attached to (482d431bb6).
    • The Edge Vertices node now has an index input so it can be more easily combined with the other nodes (4ddc5a936e).
  • The new Sample UV Surface node allows getting an attribute value based on a UV coordinate (e65598b4fa).


  • The Trim Curves node now supports cyclic curves (eaf416693d).
  • New nodes give access to topology information about the mapping between curves and points.
    • Curve of Point Retrieves the curve a control point is part of (482d431bb6).
    • Points of Curve Retrieves a point index within a curve (482d431bb6).
    • Offset Point in Curve Offset a control point index within its curve (8a6dc0fac7, (248def7e48)).
  • The Set Curve Normal allows choosing the normal evaluation mode for curves (748fda32ed).
  • The Sample Curve node now has inputs for the curve index and a custom value to sample (5f7ca5462d).


  • The Distribute Points in Volume node creates points inside of volume grids (b6e26a410c).


  • Attributes of instances created via geometry nodes are now accessible from materials through the Instancer mode of the Attribute node (2f7234d3e1).


  • Geometry nodes has a new evaluation system (4130f1e674).
    • The evaluator can provide better performance when many complex node groups are used.
    • Performance can be increased when there are very many small nodes (5c81d3bd46).
  • The Trim Curves node has been ported to the new data-block and can be 3-4 times faster than in 3.2 or 3.3 (eaf416693d).
  • Mesh and curve domain interpolation can be skipped for single values (e89b2b1221, 535f50e5a6).

Node Editor


  • Node group assets are visible in the add menus of the node editor (bdb5754147).

User Interface

  • Show data-block use count in the Context Path and Group node header (84825e4ed2).

  • Node links have been tweaked to make them fit better with the overall look of the node editor (9a86255da8).
    • Link curving has been adjusted to make vertical links look better (67308d73a4).
  • Input sockets are reused when creating new node groups (14e4c96b64).

Duplicate Linked

  • Duplicate Linked operator and user Preference option for Node Tree data duplication (6beeba1ef5).