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Animation & Rigging


  • The old (pre-3.0) pose library has been removed (48b5dcdbe8). They are now seen by Blender as simply Actions with named markers. It is recommended to convert them to pose assets.
  • Fixed an old bug where the effect of the Invert Vertex Group toggle of the Armature modifier was inverted when Multi-Modifier was active. Old tutorials explaining the usage of the Multi-Modifier option will need updating. (ea1c31a244)
  • Added the pin icon to the Dope Sheet to pin channels. (49ad91b5ab)
  • Added "Select Linked Vertices" to weight paint mode. (04aab7d516)
  • Take subframes into account when jumping to next/previous keyframes. (5eab813fc0)
  • Motion paths have a new frame range option "Manual Range" to ensure the frame range is never changed on update (d72c7eefd1). In other modes ("All Keys", "Selected Keys", "Scene Frame Range") the start/end frame are still editable, but greyed out.
  • Adding F-Curve modifiers to multiple channels at once is now easier to access (0f51b5b599).

Motion Paths frame range options

Asset Browser and Pose Library

The Pose Library went through a few usability changes to unify the experience of the other asset types (c164c5d866).

The Pose Library functionality in the asset browser were moved to a new Asset menu, as well as the pose asset context menu.

In the viewport, a few options were removed:

  • The option to Create Pose Assets is no longer there - use instead the Action Editor or the Asset Browser.
  • The Flip Pose check-box is gone - flipped poses can be applied directly via the context menu. When blending, keep CTRL pressed to blend the flipped pose.
  • The poselib.apply_pose_asset_for_keymap and poselib.blend_pose_asset_for_keymap operators are gone. If you have assigned these in your keymap, use the regular apply/blend operators (poselib.blend_pose_asset and poselib.apply_pose_asset) instead.

Other improvements are:

  • A pose asset can now be "subtracted" while blending. Drag to the right to blend as usual, drag to the left to subtract the pose.
  • While blending, keep Ctrl pressed to flip the pose (bd36c712b9).
  • Blending can now also exaggerate a pose, by pressing E (for Extrapolate) and applying a pose for more than 100% 74c4977aea.

Graph Editor

Ease Operator

The Graph Editor got a new Operator, "Ease" (76a68649c1), that can align keys on an exponential curve. This is useful for quickly making an easing transition on multiple keys. It can be found under Key » Slider Operators.

Pose Mode

Propagate Pose

The Propagate Pose Operator has been updated (200a114e15). Previously it used to evaluate each FCurve individually to find the target key. That resulted in undesired behavior when the keys where not on the same frame. Now it finds the frame first by checking all FCurves in question and then propagates the pose to it. It will add a keyframe to it in case it doesn't exist. The discussion can be found here