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Grease Pencil


  • Sculpt Auto-masking moved to Global setting. (4c182aef7c)

  • Added new Auto-masking pie menu using Shift+Alt+A. (4c182aef7c)

  • Interpolate Sequence by default can now use all different keyframes types as extremes and a new option Exclude Breakdowns was added to allows users exclude this type of keyframes from the interpolation as with the old behavior. (56ae4089eb)

  • Copy & Paste now works in multiframe mode. (a5d4c63e86)


  • Vertex Opacity parameter now is visible in Overlay panel in Sculpt mode. (1aff91b1a7)

  • Radial control now displays the correct size when resizing brush size. (0fb12a9c2e)
  • Create new layer using Y menu in Drawing mode allows to enter new layer name. (f53bb93af9)

  • Material popover now display Fill color for Fill materials. (e144af1f7c)


  • Add offset (Location, Rotation, Scale) by Layer, Stroke and Material to the Offset Modifier. (7d712dcd0b)

  • New Natural Drawing Speed mode in Build Modifier timing property that replay drawings using the recorded speed of the stylus, giving it a more natural feel (250eda36b8)