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  • A new Set Attribute operator allows basic control over generic attribute values in edit mode (6661342dc5).
  • A new Flip Quad Tessellation operator allows control over the tessellation orientation of quads (328772f2).
  • Edit mesh conversion to evaluated meshes has been parallelized and can be over twice as fast depending on the mesh and CPU (ebe8f8ce71).

UV Editing


The most anticipated UV feature in this release is UV Copy and UV Paste.

For low poly modeling and game assets, you can now select connected faces, select from the menu "UV > Copy UVs", this will make a copy of the UVs in a separate clipboard.

Next, select different faces that have the same topology. They can be on a different mesh, a different UV channel, or even a different .blend file. Choose "Paste UVs", and the UVs will be pasted over. (721fc9c1c9)


The Constrain to Image Bounds feature received fixes for the Shear Operator, and to improve robustness on unusual inputs. With this change, all of the UV operators should now correctly support Constrain to Image Bounds and it can now be considered feature complete. (3d1594417b and 0079460dc7)

UV Sphere Projection and UV Cylinder Projection now have better handling of UVs at the poles. In addition, you can now specify whether to "Fan" or "Pinch" the UVs. All the projection options are now fully supported in all modes. (280502e630)


  • Bring back the missing UV overlay in Texture Paint Mode. (4401c93e45)
  • Select Similar now has support for Similar Object and Similar Winding (2b4bafeac6)
  • Fix UV Unwrap for quads with Reflex Angles. (f450d39ada)
  • Fix UV Unwrap broken for n-gons with 3 shared vertices. (644afda7eb)