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Pipeline, Assets & I/O


  • Support for import (cdef135f6f) and export (0c67a90e4f) of USDZ (compressed version of USD) was added.
  • USD export changes to pass usdchecker (b67b84bd5d).
  • Add scale and bias for exported USD Preview Surface normal maps (c79b55fc05).
  • Convert USD camera properties to mm from USD units (f359a39d11).
  • Support importing USD Shapes (72a85d976a).
  • Author extents on exported UsdGeomMesh (5040c39d1a).


  • New OBJ importer got "Split by Objects" and "Split by Groups" import settings, just like the old Python based addon had (b59982041).
  • New OBJ importer can now import polylines with more than 2 vertices (cfe828b452).
  • Removing incorrect edge recalculation made the OBJ exporter up to 1.6x faster (455d195d55)


  • New "All" asset library (35e54b52e6). Displays contents from all other asset libraries. This asset library is shown in Asset Browsers by default (7ba59c8a62).
  • New "Essentials" asset library (b3fb73f325) containing a number of assets that are now shipped with Blender. It includes a number of hair node groups for use with geometry nodes.

  • The user interface for setting up asset libraries in the Preferences has been revamped. (0d798ef57c)
  • A default import method (Append, Append (Reuse Data), Link) can now be set per asset library in the Preferences. (ae84a2956e). Asset Browsers follow this setting by default, but there's an option to override it.
  • Import Type has been renamed to Import Method. (972f58c482)

glTF 2.0

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